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BevBucks for the restaurant industry
BevBucks pays restaurants daily for each drink through the program Increase repeat traffic with a paid BevBucks program Not one day events but campaigns where users can participate over time and share with friends
Loyalty program fuel:
Compelling, branded experiences - not discounts
Reward customers:
Raise awareness – and your revenue
Actionable intelligence:
Benefit from feedback, insights and analytics
What’s in it for you?

Once opened

Customers sign in or create a new account

Customer profile

User create a profile providing demographic data

Beverage preferences

Customers provide industry specific answers

Participating restaurants

Customers are guided to nearby restaurants

POS in their pocket

Custom graphics and copy educate the customer

GPS location check

BevBucks confirms the customer is at your restaurant

Receipt shown to staff

Staff view the receipt and reconcile with a promo key in your POS

Customer is surveyed

Customer receives a prompt 8 minutes later or a push notification if the app is closed

Customer can repeat

This incentivizes customers to visit frequently and share with friends

Customer menu

Customers can search, provide feedback, access your survey and their drink receipts
Start now with one of these preferred brand programs

Rather than offering discounts let BevBucks pay you, daily in full, for brand tasting experiences that are guaranteed to increase visits

Need more data?

We believe that connecting aligned customers with your brand and vice versa provides a meaningful impact. Customers seek value added experiences, at their convenience, and can communicate directly with you – that’s powerful. In return, you gain demographics, preferences and survey insights. Click below to get a preview.

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