How it works

Restaurants, bars and alcohol brands want to understand what you – the consumer – like in a drink and where you have that drink. Feedback such as when/where you drink, what drinks you prefer, flavors and more is important.

BevBucks works with our partners to create opportunities for you to try specific drinks at restaurants, bars, hotels and more – at our expense! Please complete your profile to be eligible for all offers. Some offers are extended by invitation only based on profile preferences and are not visible on our website and app.

On the go

Out and about? Use our app to find offers near you.

Offers are sorted by location. If you see an offer on the app that attracts your interest, select it and then:

1. Click “Get it Now” at the bottom (note the Fine Print);
2. BevBucks must verify your location in order to pay some locations. You might receive a request to confirm your location with GPS.
3. Present the voucher on your smartphone to the server at the bar/restaurant;
4. The server will then click the “Press here to charge BevBucks” button. Alternatively, it’s fine that you do this yourself, but be certain that the server is ready and observes you do it.
5. Get served – enjoy.