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BevBucks for
the Beverage Industry

BevBucks' mobile app allows customers to charge us, or you, for their first drink of the evening Engage us to provide digital bar spending programs Or to conduct digital focus groups
Restaurant’s customers are your audience:
Loyalty programs, social media and POS ensure you can operate anywhere.
Better capabilities, reduced cost:
BevBucks’ technology reduces labor saving you money.
Actionable intelligence:
Benefit from feedback, insights and analytics
In addition to brand trial, you gain marketing impressions, consumer feedback that is easy for on-premise partners with no integration

Once opened

Customers sign in or create a new account
BevBucks App Registration

Customer profile

User create a profile providing demographic data
BevBucks Mobile App User Profile

Beverage preferences

Customers provide industry specific answers
Customer Drink Insights

Participating restaurants

Customers are guided to restaurants nearby
Taste Test Beverages With BevBucks

POS in their pocket

Custom graphics and copy educate the customer
BevBucks Free Drinks App

GPS location check

BevBucks confirms the customer is at the restaurant
Purchase Confirmation BevBucks

Receipt shown to staff

BevBucks is charged for your drink and the customer is served
Customer Feedback BevBucks

Customer is surveyed

Customer receives a prompt 8 minutes later or a push notification if the app is closed
Beverage Offers BevBucks

Customer can repeat

You set options though no more than once per day
BevBucks App Menu

Customer menu

Customers can search, provide feedback, access your survey and their drink receipts

Need more data?

We believe that connecting aligned customers with your brand and vice versa provides a meaningful impact. Customers learn about your brand, get to experience it at their convenience and can communicate directly with you – that’s powerful. In return, you gain demographics, preferences and survey insights. Click below to get a preview.

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