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How BevBucks Works

BevBucks provides detailed consumer intelligence and feedback by offering to buy a customer's first drink. It's a bit like a digital focus group which provides better value at less cost. Our platform provides multiple benefits to both brands and restaurants. 

Beverage brands

  • We start by discussing your goals, desired scale of the program, timing and geography.

  • We work with your team to incorporate desired graphics, information and survey questions into our mobile apps.

  • BevBucks contacts and electronically signs up restaurants within your defined parameters.

  • We program each restaurant and its GPS coordinates into our app allowing consumers to find participating locations.

  • Consumers view your program on our mobile apps and redeem one serving of your brand.

  • BevBucks pays the licensee for the first serving of your brand, and can add a tip.

  • The consumer is surveyed on their phone 8 minutes after we pay for their drink.


  • BevBucks contacts you and explains the program. If interested, we will email you additional information.

  • A restaurant can sign up in a moment by clicking a link that we provide.

  • Restaurants will receive training, POS and suggested social media posts. We assist with emails for those that have lists as well.

  • Create a drink key in your POS system specific to this promotion which rings up at $0.00.

  • Customers download the free app and use BevBucks to get their first drink at our cost.

  • A receipt is shown on the app which displays your restaurant's name, the brand, and time/date. Staff use the drink key for your records and all orders are added to the check normally.

  • BevBucks pays each licensee for the first drink according to our agreement.