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General questions

When is BevBucks coming to my area?

We are partnering with restaurant chains and hotels to offer complimentary drinks as rewards for their loyal customers. If you are on restaurant email lists you might be invited to try a complimentary branded drink soon. Some invitations are private and limited to our restaurant partner’s guest lists and are not displayed on our website.

What exactly does BevBucks do?

We help great beverage brands connect with and get feedback from consumers like you. We actually pay restaurants for your drink, there’s no alcohol discounting. We partner with top restaurants and hotels to provide interesting locations to try your drink.

Does it cost anything to be a member?

No, membership is and always will be free. The only thing that we ask in return for buying drinks is that you take a moment (usually just 30 seconds) to complete the survey we email to you after you have the drink. Your feedback is important to us and the brands that you try.

Are there restrictions or additional rules that I need to be aware of?

Please read the terms for every offer. Periodically there might be day/time limitations or an offer might not be available at all locations. Tip is never included so please be sure to tip servers for good service.

What do I do if I have questions about how to get my drink?

It's unlikely that you will experience any difficulty with redemption. We work closely with our partners and do everything we can to prevent redemption complications. Please be sure to check the “What to Know” section before visiting the restaurant.

I tried to use the voucher, but the app said it couldn't locate me

Make sure you're actually at the location before you try to redeem the voucher. This is important as BevBucks actually makes payment for each drink and has to verify which restaurant to pay. Ensure you have a data signal and GPS and/or "location services" activated.

How do I turn location services/GPS on?

1. Go to "Settings".
2. Select "Privacy".
3. Select "Location Services".
4. Ensure "Location Services" is on, then scroll down to BevBucks and ensure this is on also.
1. Go to "Settings".
2. Select "Location access".
3. Ensure that GPS access and location services are turned "ON" or selected.

I'm at restaurant, what do I do now with the app to get served?

1. Open the BevBucks app.
2. Select the relevant drink you would like to redeem.
3. Touch the "Get it now" button.
4. Present the redemption screen to your server and ensure they witness you pressing the "Charge BevBucks Now" button.
5. This will display a success screen. The server might need to make a note of the confirmation number.

Why do you ask questions about my preferences?

Beverage brands hire BevBucks to get feedback on their drinks and to better understand their fan base. By providing this information and survey feedback these brands can improve their product and better serve you.

Why do you ask me about household income?

Sometimes the brands we work with want to hear from consumers who meet certain criteria, like household income. This information is aggregated and anonymized - we never disclose individual details.


Beverage Industry FAQ’s

Is this legal?

BevBucks’ unique legal and operational structure is custom designed to benefit both beverage brands and separately on- and off-premise businesses. There is no consumer alcohol discounting and our proprietary contracts protect both you and counterparties we separately engage with. We are working with top brands and restaurants and would be happy to speak with you in more detail about our structure and capabilities. Please refer to our high-level legal overview or contact us today.

What states is BevBucks doing business in?

We are currently operating in CA, CT, FL, NJ, NY and TX. We have operational capabilities in 32 states. Want to work with us in a different state? Contact us and we'll work to get started with you.

How do you reach consumers?

We ensure participation through multiple channels but in most cases consumers are primarily reached through restaurant (or off-premise) loyalty programs. Restaurant concepts we are speaking with average close to 10,000 emails per location, plus substantial social media support, and are looking for persuasive content to reward their consumers. So, a chain of 50 restaurants would have the ability to market our program to approximately 500,000 consumers on average.  Consider reaching business traveler guests through a hotel program. We also reach consumers through our own email lists and partners. In addition, brand partners often support the program as well in order to engage loyal fans.

How do we know that we’re reaching our target consumer?

We engage aligned restaurant and hotel brands whose clientele is highly correlated to your brand. For instance, if you are a fine wine brand we might contract with a high-end steakhouse concept. We would keep the program private which means that it would not be visible on our website. In this case, the high-end steakhouse chain would promote it to their loyalty lists alone providing your brand access to a very exclusive and targeted clientele. In addition, we could target specific demographic(s) via targeted partner cross-promotions and paid media.

What services does BevBucks provide for us?

BevBucks activates brands by providing granular consumer insights both on- and off-premise. We do this by buying the brand and drink strategy you specify for consumers and surveying them after they experience your drink. Consumers receive complimentary first to lips exposure to your brand. Our technology and structure allows us to provide large scale, low-cost programs on a regional and soon to be national level.  Additionally you can choose to have us send an email to all participants containing a brand advertisement or an appeal to purchase your brand at a local off-premise account.

What are your off-premise capabilities?

BevBucks can contract with partner off-premise businesses including chains, where state laws permit, to make an appeal to purchase your brand as part of our program. Separately, instead of purchasing a drink strategy on-premise we can instead opt to offer to purchase a 100ml of a brand for targeted consumers in order to provide consumer feedback. As always, we maintain control over which on- or off-premise businesses participate in any program.


Hospitality Industry FAQ’s

How does this work operationally?

Multiple options are available to suit your needs. The BevBucks mobile app was custom designed with industry input and our technology not only records and accounts when consumers participate but also where to within 30 meters. Thus we can track more data and ensure accurate payment at not just the corporate level but also at the franchisee and unit level.  Contact us today to learn more about POS integration and promo key programming.

Redemption options

Is this difficult for our staff?

BevBucks is very staff friendly. Staff benefit from elevated tips from consumers who receive a complimentary drink. Our programs are always limited to one drink and there’s no discounted bill. We do not do deals and there is never a revenue share. We provide staff with detailed resources prior to every program.

Should we be concerned about the possibility of server fraud?

Each BevBucks drink invitation includes a 8 numeric digit unique number which is single use.  We provide pre-generated codes which can be easily uploaded into your POS. Servers enter the consumer’s code which will be validated in real time. Since there are tens of millions of potential combinations it’s extremely secure.

Can we keep our promotion private and not list it publicly on your site?

Yes, absolutely. We can customize your program to your needs and that includes keeping it private.

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