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You often hear stories about entrepreneurs who came up with their million-dollar idea over a couple of drinks with friends. We're not sure about you, but we rarely believe them. However, in our case, that was not just the origination of the idea, it was the business plan as well.

How do you encourage people to try new drinks when most people always order the same one every time? We like new things don't we? New TV shows, new music, new restaurants, but we rarely try new drinks - on our own dime, at least.

So, we created BevBucks to serve you. Literally. We want to pay for your next drink. We work with top beer, wine & spirits brands as well as the hospitality industry to reward their loyal customers and in particular reach new ones.


While this page is called "About Us", our website is really "About You". Alcohol brands and restaurants want to better understand what you want. New flavors, new packaging ideas - your feedback can shape their development... So, by telling us a bit about yourself, you'll be eligible to receive exclusive invitations to try great drinks at bars, restaurants, hotels and more near you - at our expense. Plus, a completed preferences profile helps us serve you better by keeping invitations relevant.


To all of you, from all of us at BevBucks - Thank you and cheers!


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